About The Mise En Scène Company (MSC)

It is a global sales agency

Who We Are


ased in London, UK, The Mise En Scène Company (MSC) is a world sales agency dedicated to bringing highbrow yet mass appeal content to the international market. Our passion is to work with films of signature and vision, to seek out fresh new voices from around the world. The MSC is building strong relationships with promising directors and producers with a powerful original style.

In 1976, a film theorist and Film Quarterly contributor Brian Henderson described the Mise-en-scène as being film criticism’s “grand undefined term.” It can refer to visual themes, to dream sequences and narrative story-telling, but the direct English translation is “placing on a stage”.

The direct English translation is not only the best description of what we do as a business, but also what we can achieve with the ‘ideal’ of this brand. The very idea of Mise-en-scène is the act of placing something on a platform for all to see.

Our intent is to embody the ambition and will that are at the foundations of our company, aspiring to grow MSC into a successful and prestigious film brand. We envision exploring the brand’s potential diversity to represent the best the world has to offer.

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If your film is ready, we will move mountains to work with you.

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